Friday, October 18, 2013

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Out of the Transcendentalist Movement of the 1880’s, there came, what we call the Mental Sciences. The form of prayer that I am introducing you to today comes out of that movement, which later transformed into the New Thought movement, of which my faith tradition comes out of. I am grateful to be able to share this with you today. I am richly blessed!

Many people do not pray because they don’t know how. Religious Science offers these five steps to cover all the elements needed for effective prayer when prayed with sincerity and openness to receive.

This positive prayer technique is based on the concept of Oneness: an understanding that our minds are facets of the One Mind that we call God or Spirit, and that we have a connection with the Divine guidance, provision, power and compassion of God. We pray to become clearer receivers for the good already in store for us, so we talk to ourselves—to our own minds, to bring about change in our thinking that harmonizes with the good we desire.

All prayers are prayers for healing, whether physical or relational, for the removal of blockage and contradiction to reveal our good. As St. Augustine says, “Miracles are not contrary to the laws of nature; they are only contrary to what we know about the laws of nature.” The real purpose of prayer is to directly experience the Presence of God in our lives. True prayer is to practice the Presence of God.

Jesus said that it is done to us as we believe. Our thoughts create the reality that we live in. So, simply put, if you change how you think, you can change how you live. I remember it as C+B=A. Conceiving through imagination and inspiration, plus Believing through faith equals Achieving. “If God be for me, who can be against me”?

The 5 steps of prayer can be remembered as “Are You Ready To Receive- or AURTR”. Let me walk through these steps with you.

1. Recognition. There is but One God, the Source of everything. As I turn away from the condition that I am experiencing, and focus just on God, I recognize that , first and foremost, there is God. As Gandhi says, “ You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.” (paraphrased) I life my consciousness from where I am currently to the awareness that there is a Being (God) that has a higher, more clear picture of the situation. I Realize that there is that Reality, that Presence, God, the Omnipotent Good.

2. Unification. I unify my consciousness with this One, God. All have been created out of God. Therefore, since I am created out of God, I unify myself with my Creator. I am a child of
God. I am raising my consciousness to the awareness that God created me out of the desire to create me in His own likeness and image. That Mind of God is within me, as my mind.

3. Realize. The words that we speak here are from a higher consciousness, built upon by the first two steps. The words or thoughts we have here are not ordinary thoughts or words, but are the result of a higher inspiration or higher intuition. We are receiving the answer to the prayer before we are actually articulating the prayer. This is what the Bible means when it says, “Before they call I will answer.”

4. Thanksgiving. Gratitude provides the additional power towards the manifestation of the prayer. It is like a booster. The attitude of gratitude is very important. Thanksgiving is simply the statement of gratitude from a grateful heart that feels so blessed by God to have been given insight into the nature of God.

5. Release. As we close our prayer, we are returning to our everyday conscious mind and we have great faith that the creative power of the Spirit will transform our prayer into physical reality. To release is to let go and trust God, the creator of all, and to know, really know that our prayer has already been answered. We might not know “how” or “when”, that is left up to God, but we know that it will, has come about.

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