Friday, February 26, 2016

Breaking Down the Walls: Reflection 1

Note:  The Original Source material has been removed from the Global Ministries and other websites following allegations that Anti-Israeli sentiments within the reflections.  In light of these concerns, PCCC is also removing material and will not be posting further reflections.

Reflection 1: Breaking Expectations  from Breaking Down the Wall Lenten reflections

You surprise us, O God of surprises.   The stories of our lives don’t go as we expect, nor did the story of Jesus’ life turn out as predicted.  Jesus broke expectations by accomplishing miracles … such as raising his friend from the dead.   O God, may our efforts to break down the wall of separation and suffering surprise and restore those who dwell in an occupied land.   Jesus broke expectations for a mighty Messiah …   such as a humble donkey‐entrance to the Holy City, cheered by the nobodies for a mission no one understood.    May his spirit within us break open hardened hearts paralyzed by false notions of preferred status. Loving and patient God, teach us the nonviolent, dedicated and disciplined skills which make grotesque walls crumble. We pray in Christ’s name.  Amen.

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