Friday, September 23, 2016

Justice Devotional - Worth Being Spent

Devotion to Justice
A series of devotions from the Justice table on the topics of
  • Women and children
  • Hunger and poverty
  • Creation care
  • Immigration
Worth Being Spent
Isaiah 58:10

Injustice is a prevailing and ever present ill of society not to be ignored, disregarded or averted. It gives way to economic inequality, human trafficking, environmental degradation, the prison industrial complex, systemic racism and more woes than can be counted resulting in a burdensome list seemingly too great to fight. Yet, we are called to seek justice in the midst of this reality. To spend ourselves for those who hunger and satisfy the needs of those who are oppressed.

No matter how daunting this call may be, we have the power to make a difference in the lives of any who suffer. We are not being set up to fail. We are being invited to join with God in transforming the precious life of another, who is made in the image of God. A meal, a donation, a coat or a protest have the capacity to shine light into the dark situations that are faced during times of oppression and trial. May we be faithful enough to help, strong enough to stand and bold enough to illuminate that darkness.

Most benevolent Creator, forgive our hesitation to seek justice. Bring back to the forefront of our minds how significant changing one moment in one person’s life can truly be. Mature us out of attitudes that oppress our compassion and smother the light of Christ within us. May You mature in us the notion that only our needs are critical. Restore us when the work feels endless and burdensome. We submit ourselves to be bearers of justice and barriers of injustice. May Your grace, mercy and love abound. Amen.

Rev. Lashaundra Smith: Pastor First Christian Church (DOC), Gulfport, MS Hunger and Poverty
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