Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moving Day...

I had a college buddy named Patrick, who was as free a soul as I’ve ever met. Hailing from New York City, Patrick invariably infused any conversation he entered with hilarity and unpredictability, whether you wanted him to or not. And let’s be honest- mostly, you wanted him to.

One day, though, I learned something surprising about my chaotic, rambunctious friend. It was nearing winter break. People were preparing to head home, and I found Patrick outside his car in the parking lot near our house, smiling his triumphant smile we all knew so well. Assuming he’d successfully caused mischief (again), I said something like, “Hey Patrick! You didn’t just get us in trouble, did you?” He looked over, confused, “Shane, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, and probably wouldn’t like it if I did.” “Fair Enough. But what’s with the stupid grin?”

And he waved his hands at his open car trunk, showcasing what he obviously considered a great achievement. “Look!! Beautiful, isn’t it?” I looked, saw lots of stuff neatly stuffed into his vehicle, but…“Patrick, help me understand what I’m seeing.” “Are you kidding?!” he screamed, “This is a masterpiece! Can’t you see just how much I fit into this trunk!?” He then explained his unifying theory of trunkpacking- how learning to pack your own trunk well is a crucial step in the development from adolescence into manhood. So I looked again, and yes, it was impressive. Though I admit, I was more surprised that Patrick could be organized about anything, trunkpacking included. Which I decided not share with him. I simply said, “Good work, man.”

(I have since become Patrick; ask my wife. I get inordinate pleasure from seeing how much I can cram, without breaking stuff, into one space- trunks, backseats, closets. We all need hobbies, right?)

Well, soon enough Plymouth Creek will need to put its organizing skills to the test again (and not just for another re-re-reorganizing of the Storage Closet). On Saturday, July 24, we’re having an All-Church Workday to flip-flop the Library/Adult SS Room/YBR Office and the Children’s Sunday School Space; start time, 9:30 AM. I’ve mentioned this change before, but the time to act is now upon us. What’s happening is that Yellow Brick Road Childcare needed to lease more space to keep their operations going in our facility, and thus, provide more kids the impressively loving, educational style of childcare that they do. So we offered to open our doors wider to these partners in mission, and switch the function of a couple rooms in the process. Room 2 (Children’s Sunday School, currently) will become the Library/Adult SS/YBR Office, while the current Library will become Children’s Sunday School and the new YBR Toddler Room. Youth and Choir Rooms are unaffected. YBR will use their ‘new’ space Mon-Fri, packing things up on the weekends, like they already do in Fellowship Hall (a packing job to make Patrick and me jealous!). Then, we’ll have space to love on and teach faith to children during weekends. Got that?

I’m beginning to think of our building like a trunk. With two major building partners, and the occasional Brownie Troop or special function, things can get tight in the hallways and storage spaces. Fitting these all together without breaking or doing damage to things is challenging, to be sure, and I hope we’ll all work harder to support the organizational efforts of our members and leaders (i.e. pick up after ourselves and others, don’t dump old stuff into random rooms, keep spaces looking inviting and uncluttered). But just as the mission of a car trunk is to help get as much as possible from one place to another, so the mission of our church building is to help us provide others with God’s love as much as possible. Which means we need people and stuff in it, using the facilities! And as stewards of the building’s mission, we all need to help it stay organized and effective. For then more love will be shared.

So see you July 24 (if not sooner)! And until then, may your lives be as full of grace and love as our church!

Grace and Peace,


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