Thursday, April 15, 2010

From the President…

No, not the guy in Washington; this is something more local. An oft-unmentioned joy at Plymouth Creek, this past year, has been the leadership of our Board President, LeAnn. In terms of leadership style, hers is not bombastic or confrontational. She leads with dignity and deep listening, always seeking to accommodate others’ best hopes for their church. I’ve learned much by watching her operate.

Personal accolades aside, there’s another powerful leadership tool she’s used this year, but that few have witnessed- Her monthly President’s Report to the Board. Now, from the two Board Presidents I’ve worked with (both great and unique leaders!), it seems PCCC does these reports differently. Rather than just list what’s been happening, or necessary decisions going forward, our Presidents’ reports take on spiritual tones. They guide us in faithfulness; help keep our eyes on the prize- by encouraging us to reflect on the mission of God in the work of the Board and Church. Truth be told, it’s inspiring! It’s like having multiple preachers amongst us! And because they so consistently and powerfully wrap our Board’s work in the garment of God’s Spirit, we’re a more faithful and focused Board, which is great news for the whole church.

So I wanted you to witness this in action. This week’s ‘pastoral letter’ will be from our Board President, not me. What follows is April’s President’s Report. I pray you find it as moving and inspiring as we did last week, and that you enjoy this word of challenge and encouragement from our church’s very capable leadership:

Shall I dare say, even though it’s the middle of April, that Spring has sprung! College basketball season is over (sorry Shane – maybe next year) and baseball season has begun. The Twins won their season opener in their new home – and didn’t have to worry about being snowed out. The grass is green (and probably needs watering), and the plants, trees, and bushes are showing signs of new life! The sounds of birds singing in the morning fills the air and makes one realize how much you missed not being able to have the windows open the last 6 months or more!

Spring does have a way of making you feel like there is new life in you with all of its promises. It’s much like what promises are held with Easter – the promise of new life through our resurrected Lord. We just need to believe in him and do our best to live our lives in the way in which he taught us.

Part of this is also reaching out to others. Reaching out to those not only in our church, but more importantly, to those outside of these walls. To those people that we have yet to meet. Jesus told his disciples – as well as us – to go out and become fishers of people. This is also what we need to do in order to grow – to go and reach out to our neighbors, near and far. Even though I have a feeling that the disciples didn’t think that they had the means and resources to go into the world and teach a new way of thinking about God, they found a way to spread His word far and wide. We, too, sometimes think that we don’t have the means and resources to go out and spread His word either, but I think that if we look deep into ourselves, we will find the wisdom and the strength to do it.

Growth is not something that will happen overnight (as much as we wish it would). It is slow and needs nurturing and care. We can do this – we just need to take it one-step at a time. If we hit a bump in the road – we just need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep moving one-step at a time. With God, all things are possible and remember, if He leads us to it (and I do think we have been brought to this time of seriously thinking of growth), He will get us through it!



P.S.- See what I mean! Grace and Peace this week and always- Shane

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